Borough Market


We knew we wanted to seek out some street food while we were in London and that the markets around the city are a great spot for that.  Our guide from our walking tour suggested Borough Market so we hoofed it from Picadilly Circus to Southbank and on to the market. Our first trip there was on a Saturday so the place was packed with people and buzzing with activity.

We were starving so we kind of just picked the first delicious thing we saw and got in line. This was a mistake (Big, HUGE) that we’ll spend the rest of our live regretting. I’m just kidding (sort of).  We chose the duck confit sandwich and salad that you can see below, but what we failed to realize was that there was a whole slew of other food stands that we missed because we didn’t wind our way through the market enough. At first, not a huge deal.  The duck confit was really good and we were satisfied.  Well, we were satisfied until we stumbled upon Kappacasein, the stand making raclette and cheese toasties. With wide eyes and jaws dropped we watched the process – the tops of halved cheese wheels are melted until bubbly and toasted then scraped onto a pile of potatoes and accompanied by baby gherkins.  Whaaat?  You guys, watch this video so you can see the magic.  I know, now you’re salivating just like we were.  I’m sorry/you’re welcome.

Unfortunately our bellies were full and we comforted ourselves with the promise of coming back to Borough Market to make our London food dreams come true but when we did Kappacasein was no where to be found (WHYYYY?).  We shed some tears and immediately started devising plans to stop in London again.

So that’s our food sob story and a lesson learned: always walk through the entire market before making important decisions like lunch.



I mean, this was still pretty good..


Jos checking out the cured meats



I also regret not getting one of these.  I’ve never made so many food mistakes in one place in my life.



My very first Pimms cup!


Walking around aimlessly after discovering we wouldn’t be having raclette.


Fish and chips from Fish! take out counter.


We grabbed some burrata here for a picnic on our last day in London.  Best burrata I’ve ever had – super creamy and a floral sweetness that was perfect.


Fruit and veggies for the picnic too.


And some bread to round it out, because CARBS.



We’re coming back for you, Borough Market.




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