I pretty much knew zero things about Copenhagen before going there.  Our sister-in-law Camila had spent time there and was so emphatic about the city that her enthusiasm sparked us to add it to our trip line up. And I’m so glad that we did because I loved it and I hope we get to go back someday. 

I was so naive about Copenhagen that I didn’t realize what a food centric city it is.  As you know by now, food is bae in our books so before leaving Amsterdam we started doing a little research on food in Copenhagen.  I’d been following Mad about Copenhagen on Insta so I knew we were getting ourselves into some tasty endeavors up north.  Our research for more budget friendly eateries led us to two places right away: Copenhagen Street Food, which is housed in an old warehouse on Papioren (Paper Island) and Torvehallerne Market, just minutes from our Airbnb and filled with great food vendors.  I don’t think I can even say we scratched the surface of food in Copenhagen which only means one thing – we must return! 

In between eating we saw a few sights, rode a roller coaster in Tivoli Gardens, and got in a semi-big argument.  Mostly, we just wandered aimlessly until the next time we got to eat.


We came to Kalaset for brunch our first morning.  The inside has a 70’s-ish vibe going on and lots of outdoor seating.


We shared a mixed plate that had scrambled eggs, falafel, hummus, fruit, toast and potatoes.  Annnd, chocolate banana pancakes that were incredible.  The pancakes themselves had so much flavor and you can never go wrong with a topping of bananas and chocolate.  They also make their own jams and nutella so I pretty much wanted to move in.


Views from the top of The Round Tower.


I love the colors in Copenhagen.


There was an exhibit in The Round Tower called Greetings from Denmark.  People around the country tagged their instagram photos with #greetingsfromdenmark to show still life pictures of the country.  It was really cool!





Rosenborg Castle



Rosenborg Gardens


Selfie at the Botanical Garden.


Istid is a liquid nitrogen ice cream bar.  I know… what?!  They make the ice cream right before you eyes using kitchen aid mixers, house made ice cream base, and liquid nitrogen.  Novel, no doubt, and the ice cream was pretty tasty (although not the best I’ve ever had).  It was more of a fun one time experience.


I think I just got vanilla ice cream (can’t remember!) with an oat crumble on top.


Torvehallerne, a beautiful food market (or food farm as Josiah likes to call it).


Josiah’s paleo bowl that could’ve used a touch more salt.



My duck confit sandwich from Ma Poule.



Coffee soft serve (!!!!) from Coffee Collective.  Dangerously creamy and so delicious.


Grod: the worlds first porridge bar.  We came here for breakfast one morning because all the reviews said it was great.  All the reviews were right!


Barley porridge with hazelnuts, rhubarb compote, and Skyr (Icelandic yogurt).  We also got a chia seed pudding bowl with fresh fruit and nuts.


Cappuccino from the Coffee Collective.


After porridge Josiah needed eggs so we came here.



Mikkeller & Friends bottle shop at Torvehallerne.  If I had room I would’ve brought some bottles back!


Searching for a massage for Jos proved to be a very frustrating experience. But we finally found someone to work on his shoulder and we only fought a little bit and I only cried once during the whole extravaganza.


Alone time for me while Jos got his massage.


The Old Stock Exchange



Mikkeller Bar


This was my Vesterbro Spontan Sour and Jos had the American Dream, a hoppy lager.




Copenhagen Street Food: warehouse filled with street food vendors and lots of outdoor seating on the dock.



You know you’re in the right place when there’s a silver cow hanging from the ceiling.


Copper and Wheat french fries twice fried in duck fat and the most flavorful french fries I’ve ever had… we didn’t even need those dipping sauces they were so good on their own.


Porchetta sandwich!


We claimed a couple of lounge chairs on the dock, drank beer, and people watched all evening.  One of my favorite nights of the trip!



Free cheesecake that Josiah pawned off the two girls sitting in front of us.  I’d been eyeing it all night and when I went to use the restroom Josiah slide into their conversation and started asking about the cheesecake and told them we’d take it if they didn’t want to finish it. I’m pretty sure they thought he was joking.  As we were leaving he offers them our chairs and asks for the dessert one more time.  I walked away, they laughed, he laughed, they handed it over, and our night was complete.




Josiah was all about the protein this particular morning at The Greasy Spoon.


Bacon & egg breakfast sandwich x 2 for me.


Tivoli Gardens reminded me of going to Disneyland as a kid and really made me want to go back.


The big roller coaster!  So fun until we stepped off the ride and Josiah immediately felt motion sick. ha!



This is one of my favorite things we’ve eaten on this whole trip.  Yes, the whole trip.  You might have your eyebrows raised and questioning my tastebuds because the picture above is clearly of a hotdog.  I might have the same reaction if it was someone else was parading a hot dog in my face calling it a “favorite food.”  But you guys, OMG THIS HOTDOG.  First, it’s not just a hotdog, it’s an organic pork sausage with Danish North Sea cheese (what?!).  And that’s no ordinary bun, it’s a sourdough bun lightly toasted so that you get a little crunch but it doesn’t tear your mouth apart while eating it.  It’s topped with ketchup, mustard, fried onions, and pickles.  If we’d have come here on our first day in Copenhagen instead of our last I have no doubt that we would’ve eat like 13 over that 3 day period.


Enough food pictures – this is Nyhavn in early evening.


We took a canal tour our last day.  The views were decent but our tour “guide” was so bad it just became hilarious.



Circle bridge


We’ll end things here … before I start talking about the hotdog again.



4 thoughts on “Copenhagen”

  1. I’m glad you guys only fought a little bit and that you’re using such hips words like bae and insta.

    Isn’t it crazy when you find something you totally love and you’ll probably never have it the same way again unless you go back to that place? That hot dog has ruined you for all other hot dogs.


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