Well, my hopes for blogging each city as we went through our trip slowly faded with each new place we went.  Once we hit Italy I realized I got way ahead of myself in my blogging expectations (and kind of gave up).  After slow internet, no internet, long days, and tired bones I realized I would be bringing the later half of the trip to this space for months to come following our adventures.

So there’s that, now lets talk about Prague.  While this beautiful red-roofed city was not the highlight of our trip we did enjoy our days strolling through old town, drinking beer at Letna Park, dodging rain showers, and finding fun food spots.  My mom met up with us here after her two week stint in England so our duo turned to a trio for a few weeks.  We dragged my her all over Prague (and then Croatia) keeping up with our long days of walking.  Most of our mornings were slow and spent lounging in our giant apartment.  Josiah and I had just been renting rooms up until this point so having a whole apartment (with a huge bathroom) felt like a treat.

We ended up eating quite a lot of delicious food over the 5 days that we were in Prague.  I wasn’t really sure what to expect food-wise but we picked some great places that have more modern takes on traditional Czech food and use lots of local, seasonal ingredients. We used the Taste of Prague blog and the suggestions of a few locals as a guide for where to eat and drink in the city. We also made sure to drink a decent amount of beer as it is literally cheaper than water.

Our third day we took a trip to the Bohemian Switzerland National Park to get out of the city and into a little bit of nature.  True to form, we packed that particular day full to the brim, doing two hikes and scheduling to go to a Prague Symphony Orchestra concert that night.  All was well and good until we got back to the train station and another downpour of rain started just as we were about to walk to our apartment.  We hopped into a (ridiculously expensive) cab, got ready real quick, ate a convenience store dinner, and headed to the concert.   Luckily, the concert was amazing and totally worth the rush to get there.  It was unexpectedly small and intimate.  There were about 10-12  members of the orchestra playing and two special guests.  They played pieces from Vivaldi, Beethoven, Mozart, and more.  It was all fantastic and one of our favorite things from Prague.


View from the kitchen window at our Airbnb.


Sisters Bistro serves up chlebicek, a traditional Czech open-faced sandwich, with a Scandanavian twist.  We tried the six pictured plus three more because when you’re hungry and tired these sandwiches seem tiny.


We found another raclette cart (which you’ll know is a big deal if you read my rant about the first one we passed up)!  Even though we had just eaten roasted potatoes with sausage and dumplings with bacon we had to try it.  Unfortunately, it was a pretty big letdown and devoid of much flavor.


Views from the top of Petrin Lookout Tower are beautiful but also very crowded. After we came down we sat on a bench near the tower for a couple of minutes before the first sudden down pour of the day came. Luckily we were sheltered by some trees and could it wait it out (mostly) dry.


Colorful buildings spotted as we walked down Petrin Hill.


We happened to stop at the Senate Palace gardens as we were walking from Petrin hill to Letna beer garden.  The garden was pretty and his wall is part of an artificial cave made of lime stone stucco stalactites.*  The best part of our quick stop here was the covered stage area that kept us from getting wet when the second down pour started.

*Info found at this website because I did not actually know what this wall was until I just googled it.


More rain brewing as we walked up to Letna beer garden.


Sappy beer gaze.


Mom was super excited to sit down, have a beer, and eat some fried cheese. (I was too)


Right after we sat down with our beer a third down pour started. We all laughed a little bit and thanked God for cover once again.


Roasted beef knuckle, parsley salad, roasted carrots, spinach, potato dumplings, and grilled veggies from Cestr.


Sunday morning walk to breakfast.


Market meats.


I mean, look at those skillets.  Is still a skillet when it’s that big?


Waiting for a table at Savoy Cafe for brunch.


Getting ready for the Astronomical clock to start doing its thing.


Old Town Square.  I love all the colorful buildings!


Day trip to Bohemian Switzerland.


View from the top of Mariina Skala.


Pravcicka Brana, the second largest sandstone bridge formation in Europe.  Some scenes from Chronicles of Narnia were filmed here too.


Rudolfinum national concert hall.


Our view during the Prague Symphony Orchestra concert.


Post concert sunset.


Lunch at Maso a Kobliha was delicious but the star was definitely dessert.  The vanilla cream stuffed doughnuts are pillow soft and so dreamy.


Old Jewish Cemetery


Nap time in the park.


The Lennon Wall


Finding a bit of inspiration.


Cobblestones and crowded streets.


Another trip to the beer gardens on a sunny afternoon.  Our friend, Rebecca, was in Prague at the same time we were so we got to meet up!


Meatloaf from Nase Maso Butchery was the perfect post beer dinner.  I don’t eat much meatloaf but this was definitely the best I’ve had.


Last day in Prague!


St. Vitus Cathedral from the side.

We had done a free walking tour of Old Town Prague and it was great so we decided to do a tour of Prague Castle as well.  Unfortunately it was not worth the time or the money. We spent about half our tour time riding the bus up to the castle and taking breaks so our guide could eat lunch.


After our tour we walked toward the Prague Castle Gardens because the views of the city are fantastic. You have to pay to walk through the gardens but the price of admission was worth the solitude and the break from the crowds.


We had our last, and favorite, meal at Nota Bene. Craft beer, seasonal ingredients, beautiful presentations, and cozy atmosphere.  What’s not to love?


And that’s all from Prague!


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